All you need to know about fashion jewellery

Fashion jewellery, also called costume jewellery, refers to the jewellery worn every day, not necessarily for special occasions. Fashion jewellery typically strives to make a fashion statement, sometimes as a stand-alone piece, an accentuating item, or as a complement to the entire daily wardrobe.

A common misconception is that artificial jewellery is not as beautiful, classy or elegant as the "real" version. In fact, with the emergence of new technologies, methods and techniques as well as high-quality substitute materials, imitation jewellery is now at par with classic styles in terms of beauty and appeal.

Fashion jewellery is designed to imitate expensive styles, with similarly elaborate shapes and intricate settings. Here are a few things you need to know about fashion jewellery.


Unlike fine jewellery which opts standardisation and classy, you would find fashion jewellery to better suit your needs. There is a range of options to select from. A chic plated chain for your everyday outfit, a heavy junk chain for your party mood or even authentic personalised and customised ones to give them as gifts.

Versatile in nature

Whether you are looking for something to complement your office party look or a Garba function, fashion jewellery always goes the best. The pieces are so versatile that even a single necklace can complement several looks. The classy touch in fashion jewellery makes it a perfect option for every occasion.

Sometimes, you need something to complete your fine jewellery look but don't want to spend that much, and that's when fashion jewellery comes handy. It matches most of the metals and looks great.

Sensational to look at

Wish to change the mood of your dull daily dress? Throw on a shimmering necklace or big bright ear hoops, and see the whole vibe elevate. It is always fun and exciting to be your own stylist. Pair the right accessories to an outfit, for the right occasion. But be careful to avoid the classic fashion disaster of over-accessorising, you don't want to look like a Christmas tree.


Fashion jewellery is generally regarded as less expensive than precious metals and gemstones and often includes semi-precious stones, cubic zirconium crystals, high-end simulated stones, beads, glass, or rhinestones. Metal components in fashion jewellery might also include sterling silver, pewter, silver-plated and gold-plated. However, in a dynamic society that places a great deal of emphasis on fashion, what defines fashion jewellery can sometimes include modern, trendy, eclectic, vintage, and anything goes.

Plentiful in styles & designs

The variety of styles and designs in fashion jewellery is something that keeps girls longing for it more and more. You will find hundreds of pieces that suit your personality and taste, and it will be hard to pick a few. The softness of the metal makes it easy to experiment and create beautiful designs. Innovation and fashion jewellery always go together.

Whether your desire to follow celebrity fashion trends, sport unique styles or discover vintage treasures, fashion jewellery offers exclusive items just right for you. The real key to fashion jewellery is to find an item that uniquely reflects your authentic taste and style. A flashing piece of sparkle truly becomes a fashion jewel when it exquisitely compliments the smile and the glowing expression on your face. To improve your accessorising skills or to make a purchase, visit us at