Different types of nose rings that modern women love

Nose rings are one of the oldest jewellery pieces and have been a prominent style in the subcontinent for a very long time. You must have seen your great grandmothers, grandmothers and mothers wearing huge nose rings in their wedding photos. Not long ago, wearing a nose ring was considered pretty out-dated, but the trend is back with fervour, internationally as well.

Be it the traditional Nath or the edgy septum ring; nose jewellery has become a favourite for modern women. This festive season, choose from these different types of nose rings and amp up your overall look.

Hoop nose ring

This is a trendy type of nose ring, because, as with other types of earrings, hoops are always extraordinarily fashionable and a favourite for most. They come in metallic colours such as silver and gold, as well as many other colours, and they are available in many different sizes and designs. The makers of nose rings are getting more creative day after day with this type of nose ring.

Peacock nose ring

Imagine having the symbol of elegance adorning your nose; this is precisely what it would feel like while wearing a peacock nose ring. This nose ring is made with oxidized silver and is intricately made in such a way that it represents a peacock.

Fishtail nose ring

Fishtails are straight nose rings with an extra-long length and are specifically made to be custom fit by a professional piercer. If you’ve been having a difficult time finding a standard nose ring that fits your nostril comfortably, then you may have the unique sizing need that is met by choosing to wear a fishtail nose ring. This type is most commonly bent into an l-shaped nose ring or some form of nose screw, but it can also be made into any other shape, including a nose hoop.

Pearl nose ring

Traditional Indian pearl nose rings are royal and give an extra regal touch to your overall look. You have to wear this with complementing jewellery such as pearl kadas, pearl or gold studs and a small but detailed neckpiece.

Latkan nose ring

Latkan nose ring can be worn with a chain that is pinned in hair, and it can also be worked individually. It is usually a large hoop simple or sometimes studded with gemstones with a charm hanging off it. It can be paired well with lehengas and can be worn during weddings and festivals. The hanging charm makes it hard to miss, grabbing all eyes in the party.

Silver temple nose ring

Silver temple Naths or nose rings may look old fashioned, but when you pair them with the right kind of outfits and colours & poise of your own, you will stand out from the crowd. Keep other jewellery minimal, opt for a dark coloured thread neckpiece instead of metal ones.

Tribal nose rings

Tribal nose rings are still worn in various regions of our country and even by people living overseas as they look quirky and trendy. These nose rings are commonly worn on septum or lower part of the nostrils. They can be worn with any outfit and are available in different shapes and designs to select from.

Nose rings are beautiful, particularly nowadays, because jewellery designers are continuously coming out with more beautiful and unique designs for people to enjoy. When you wish to adorn your body with something eye-catching and attractive, a nose ring is a perfect choice. To know more about the different types of nose rings or to make a purchase, be sure to visit us at https://www.accessher.com/.