Offbeat Ethnic Looks with Oxidized Jewellery

From ethnic wear to semi-Western to Western wear, oxidised jewellery picks always remain a top pick when it comes to making style statements. Also, they are inexpensive, trendy and help you to add a stylish spin to your any look whenever you want.

Oxidised silver is a piece of jewellery that has been introduced to sulfides in an attempt to change the colour of its surface over a long period of time. This process has become popular due to the antiqued, royal look it gives to items. It also gives one the chance to experiment with their jewellery by mixing and matching designs.

Oxidised jewellery creates a beautiful look with anything you team it up with. They look equally stunning in sarees as they do with jeans. Here are the options that should be in your oxidized jewellery look book.


Offbeat Ethnic Looks with Oxidized Jewellery

The newest addition to the oxidised jewellery trend is Oxidised Chokers. These designs are inspired by the west, yet the roots are kept Indian. It is a combination of western and Indian designs, which works wonders for young and modern Indian girls and women.


Offbeat Ethnic Looks with Oxidized Jewellery

Made of colourful threads tied in knots to give the necklace a unique look, these necklaces are mostly paired with oxidised silver pendants. Be it a saree, suit or fusion; these lovely vibrant pieces can go well with absolutely any Indian outfit at any time of the day. So, the next time you can't decide what piece to wear with your outfit, let this one save you.


Offbeat Ethnic Looks with Oxidized Jewellery

Indian women have been fancying Oxidised earrings, both small and big, ever since the existence of accessories. These oxidised earrings are of various designs, lengths and sizes. The latest additions in the trend are Oxidised Chandbali earrings, big oxidised jhumkas and long oxidised earrings. One can pair it with a plain saree, Kurta or even shirts.


Offbeat Ethnic Looks with Oxidized Jewellery

Gone are the days when nose studs were available only in precious metals like gold. Oxidised nose studs are the new trend. They are easy on the pocket and are a tad bit more appealing than gold nose studs.

Oxidised nose studs are examples of excellent craftsmanship as the designs on them are really intricate. As a matter of fact, some nose studs take weeks to complete.


Offbeat Ethnic Looks with Oxidized Jewellery

If you are planning to add a dash of youthful magic to your jewellery collection, pom-poms are your go-to accessory. The 'pom-poms on jewellery' trend is catching up fast with trendy fashionistas.


Offbeat Ethnic Looks with Oxidized Jewellery

Most girls love wearing bangles. Oxidised bangles have been in trend for a long time. The best thing about oxidised bangles is that goes well with both traditional and modern dresses. You can accessorise your dress with a stack of bangles to make an exquisite and trendy wedding or evening party look.

Wearing Oxidised Jewellery is the hottest and latest trend in 2021. Not a part of the trend yet? Well, step into it, with these beautiful oxidised jewellery designs, here. To learn more about oxidised jewellery or to make a purchase, visit us at