The Ancient jewel that never goes out of style - Kundan

The Ancient jewel that never goes out of style - Kundan

India is known for its precious stones, use of vibrant colors, fine textile, and Kundan jewellery. Every year a lot of tourists visit India to purchase exquisite items that are nowhere to be found around the world. It includes valuable stones, carpets, clothes, and jewels, but most of all, there is a famous kind of magnificent jewellery that is appreciated worldwide: "The Kundan Jewellery".

As one of the ancient jewellery designs, Kundan jewellery has ruled an impressive legacy across time and distance. Around the globe, Kundan jewellery is known for its highly refined gold coupled with Kundan, which is splendid, mesmerizing, and stately. 

Due to its wide popularity, there are many reasons why Kundan jewellery is the most preferred choice.

Here, are a few points why Kundan Jewellery is most preferred:

It is one of the oldest sorts of jewellery craft in India

People started loving Kundan jewellery from the 16th century. Skilled artisans from the courts of Rajasthan and Gujarat channeled their expertise towards the creation of jewellery which couples the precious stones with refined gold such as Kundan Finger Rings, Kundan hand bracelets, and Kundan necklace sets. 

Today, it's among the first beautiful pieces of jewellery that a lady can own in her lifetime. Now you can buy Kundan Jewellery online in India.

Breathtakingly elegant and beautiful

Kundan jewellery is formed from precious stones like diamonds, topaz, rubies, emeralds, agate, crystal, amethyst, pearls, jade, and sapphires. The individuality and the art of Kundan jewellery lie within the manner during it's made. Each step within the making process demands high levels of experience, which is why Kundan necklaces or Kundan earrings are the quintessence of masterwork crafting. Also, the complex meenakari work on the Kundan jewellery set it away from the residue of its kind.

It is versatile and treasured by many Indian brides

Weddings involve opulence glamour, and Kundan jewellery sets are thus cherished by the brides of India. Even Bollywood celebrities like Kareena Kapoor Khan, Shilpa Shetty, Anushka Sharma, and Sonam Kapoor wore Kundan jewellery on their wedding day. Due to its versatile nature, one can embellish Kundan jewellery not only with traditional outfits but also with modern clothing like dresses, gowns, and shirts.

It is available in vivacious forms.

From Kundan armlets, maang tikkas to Payal and Kundan bracelets, one can find Kundan jewellery in a wide variety. Apart from these, the magic of this ancient jewellery craft also can be carried in Kundan finger rings, choker, cuffs, nose rings, haath phools, and head accessories like passa. Statement chains and pendants also are available in Kundan. Aside from these, it also comes in incredible designs and themes like flowers, animals, petals, and celestial bodies.

It is readily available as imitation jewellery.

The cost of this authentic Kundan jewellery can vary from INR 50,000 to 5, 00,000, but because these artistic pieces are quite in-demand and also in fashion, artificial Kundan jewellery sets are available online as well. Being imitation jewellery, one can find and buy Kundan Jewellery online in India at a lower cost, making them excellent substitutes for real gold and gemstone. Though these aren't authentic investment pieces, their charisma is enough to lift any apparel.

So, now you can agree that Kundan jewellery can never go out of fashion.

Let its magic enthral the masses while you dazzle brighter than the remainder.

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