Tips to avoid problems related to body jewellery

Body piercing has been around for thousands of years. The oldest mummified remains ever found were sporting pierced ears. Body piercing is still relevant and widespread today. While ears remain the most popular body piercing, it’s not uncommon to see pierced navels, tongues, noses, brows and more.

It used to be that taking a trip to a professional piercing shop was the only way for pierced folks to buy new or replacement jewellery. Now, much like every other product on the planet, there are a wide variety of online retailers available from which you can buy body jewellery online. But before you dive in and fill your cart with new goodies, read these tips to avoid some common problems that occur during and after purchasing body jewellery online.

Measure accurately

Visit your piercer and have them give you the specifics on your jewellery, so you can be sure you have accurate numbers. If you measure things yourself, be sure to measure twice. You want to be sure you have the right size because ordering an incorrectly sized piece of jewellery is not only frustrating; it is also likely going to be a waste of time or money on your part.

Choose the right place to be pierced

There are many different types of piercings all across the body, all of which carry their unique aesthetic and jewellery designs. Choosing the place that you want to get pierced is easy, just be sure to know your pain tolerance and understand the post-procedure aftercare components before getting down to business.

Disinfect the jewellery

Make sure your hands are clean and disinfected. Hand sanitiser gel is the quickest and most accessible way to make sure your hands are ready. Washing your hands with handwash and water works too. Also, make sure you have cleaned the jewellery and the area around your piercing too. Saltwater works well in cleaning and disinfecting jewellery.

Check the materials being used

There’s tons of body jewellery out there made from materials that can be harmful to your body. Pay close attention to materials, taking note of things like whether the jewellery is plated or solid, types of plastics used, and if the jewellery contains nickel. If you have sensitive skin try to opt for silicone rather than rubber o-rings, if your jewellery uses them, and be careful wearing wooden jewellery if you are unfamiliar with the type of wood used.

Prevent intrusion with magnetic or electrical equipment

This is primarily an issue for those working in medical or scientific environments, however, in such situations, it is sometimes essential that metal jewellery is removed, and failing to do so could put you and others around you at risk.

Take good care after the process

Your piercings healing time will vary depending on not only the type of piercing but also how well you take care of it and keep it clean. When you’re in the shower, use antibacterial soap, preferably something unscented during the initial days after the procedure.

If you’ve followed the above steps, then you’ve done about all you can to make sure you will receive the correct material, colour, size, and shape when buying from Accessher. To learn more about body jewellery or to make a purchase, visit us at