Tips to keep your fashion jewellery clean and safe during the pandemic

While we wash our hands, face and clothes, we usually forget to clean our ornaments. Daily-wear accessories can be a secluded place for germs and also be a carrier for the virus that has the entire world bowing down to it. Whether you're cleaning your hands or taking a bath, make sure you wash your fashion jewellery as well. Now that we are being extra careful of defending ourselves against the Coronavirus, we need to pay attention to cleaning our jewellery as well. Here are a few tips and tricks for taking care of fashion jewellery.

Clean with wet wipes

Wearing your fashion jewellery all day long, soaked in sweat can result in it to become a home for germs and bacteria to pile up. Cleaning with wet wipes can stop this from happening. It is vital to make this process a part of your hygiene habit. Constant cleaning of such ornaments can prevent the spread of disease majorly. Hence, every individual should be aware of cleaning their accessories before flaunting them.

Wash your rings before wearing them

Viruses like the novel coronavirus prosper in the crannies of our hands. Rings create even more places for germs to hide. This step is just another sacrifice we should be willing to take as we cope through this pandemic as a united front. Still, these minor behavioural improvements are essential to the health and safety of others. Withdrawing your jewellery will help to guarantee you are effectively washing your hands and not spreading the virus onto other exteriors. Sterilizing your rings before putting them back on will help eradicate any virus or bacteria existing on the surface of the ring.

Use a toothbrush to clean edges

It is challenging to reach the little corners of your jewellery and clean the dirt collected in them. The bristles of a toothbrush can reach these corners and clean such contaminants. Deep cleaning of ornaments restricts the buildup of germs and harmful bacteria. Only cleaning fashion jewellery from the surface and not the edges and corners can increase the risk of spreading diseases like the Coronavirus.

Use separate bags

Placing jewellery in one bag, along with other items, can cause scratches on the delicate material. Such handling of jewellery can cause cracks and eventually break it. Small jewellery like chains and earrings may get tangled within each other and create a mess. Retaining different bags/boxes for all your stuff will also make it easy to detect them and keep them scratch-free. Storing jewellery in different bags also prevents any spread of unwanted and unnecessary bacteria and germs. One should take note of this measure and follow the appropriate steps to stay safe during the tough times of this pandemic.

UV-clean portable sanitizer

A UV-clean portable sanitizing case is a prominent non-contact way to disinfect fragile pieces or larger accessories you don't wish to be scrubbing or wiping. The case uses strong UV-C LED technology that guarantees to kill up to 99.9% of viruses and bacteria ten times quicker than any other sanitizer. Four LED lights work to disinfect and sanitize both facets of your item in under one minute.

Wearing jewellery throughout this very confusing and unpredictable time is an easy way to reclaim a sense of normalcy to one's daily habits. Every individual should be aware of the ornaments they wear and keep cleaning them at regular intervals to prevent the spread of covid-19. If everyone takes the appropriate measures, we will be sure to reign victorious against this global pandemic.

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