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Top jewellery picks for Gujarati Brides from our collection

Gujarat is well known for its diverse culture, traditional silver jewellery, and vibrant outfits. The richness of its culture and tradition finds the most aesthetic expression through its traditional jewellery styles.

Gujarat jewellery styles represent a perfect blend of both modern and ancient traditions that have shaped this state and just like the diversified geographical aspect of Gujarat; its traditional jewellery comes in a remarkable variety.

As Gujarati brides are either dressed in white and red saree with the front-facing pallu or Gharchola, it is necessary that you choose your jewellery carefully so that it does not clash against the pallu. Here, we have compiled a list of Gujarati bridal fashion jewellery set that can enhance your bridal look and help you look stunning on your D-Day. The key jewellery pieces in the bridal jewellery set include:

Rani Haar

This is a traditional style worn by the brides of Gujarat. It comes with a royal appeal that is just perfect to accentuate the bride’s look with a statement yet subtle charm.

Chandan Haar

Very similar to grandeur associated with Raani Haar, Chandan Haar too holds a very significant place amongst the other traditional ornaments. The design is very abstract with four strands of gold attached together.

Bangdi and Chooda

As per cultural traditions, Gujarati brides wear ivory Bengals in red and white colour. The bunch of bangles also known as Chooda is the essential item in the bridal ensemble. Other bangles can be made of glass and gold. They also wear Kundan or diamond embedded bracelet that glorifies the bridal attire. Just as many other Indian weddings, the Chooda is worn for 30-45 days after the wedding.

Kundan Butti

A very exquisitely designed jewellery worn as earrings decorated elaborately. The ornament consists of a chain which passes over the crown of the head and the Kundan Buttis are hanged as earrings from the earlobe.


A Bajuband or a silver armlet is worn on the upper arm. Usually made with oxidized or German silver, it is worn by both men and women in the rural areas of Gujarat. Oxidized silver is used because it is cheaper than pure silver metal and doesn’t cut a hole in the pockets of the people. In some areas, men and women also wear big bangles/kadas known as Patla bangles. These bangles are crafted in Meenakari work and are adorned with gemstones, pearls, Kundan, etc.

Tikka and Damini

The matha tikka with Damini is what makes the bride stand out. The Damini covers the front part of the head making the bride look gorgeous and beautiful. The tikka is attached in the centre of the Damini that hangs on the forehead. Kundan or stone embedded golden Damini and matha tikka are two jewellery pieces that make the bride look utterly exquisite.

The lavishness and richness of Gujarati culture and tradition find the most aesthetic expression through the Traditional Jewellery of Gujarat. Jewellery is not just a means for embellishment, but more of an investment. It is a mark of identity and a symbol of pride. To learn more about traditional jewellery or to make a purchase from our wide range of fashion jewellery, visit us at https://www.accessher.com/.