Top Jewellery Picks for Maharashtrian Brides from our New Collection

Every state’s culture in India is distinguished by the jewellery that has been ancient and been loved and adorned for ages. Maharashtrian women are proud to carry on the tradition of wearing the old designs of jewellery. But what happens mostly is that not all gold jewellery goes very well with the various types of attires.

Fashion Jewellery comes as a saviour when you want to wear authentic traditional designs with a twist. Fashion jewellery is more affordable compared to the authentic traditional gold jewellery. Fashion jewellery is also easy to maintain and never goes out of style. The original designs are retained so that the essence of it is not lost in the new creation. Here are a few of the most iconic jewellery picks for Maharashtrian brides from our collection.


Top Jewellery Picks for Maharashtrian Brides from our New

Also popularly known as temple jewellery, Lakshmi Haar is one of the longer ones. It adorns a big lovely carving of Lakshmi Ji in the centre and the rest of the Haar may either have coin-shaped or paisley-shaped gold work on it. Known as the goddess of wealth, the significance of Lakshmi in this Haar has again to do with the wealth and prosperity of the family.


Top Jewellery Picks for Maharashtrian Brides from our New

Nose ring adorned with pearls and beads is one of the favourite jewellery for Maharashtrians. Every Marathi Bride wears this nose ring with pride. Nath is one of the ornaments that make a Maharashtrian bride look different from other regions. Based on the region Maharashtrians wear different kinds of Naths namely Brahmani Nath and Karwari Nath.


Top Jewellery Picks for Maharashtrian Brides from our New

The traditional Thushi choker is unique to Maharashtra and is exclusively crafted in Kolhapur following the same design principles of the Peshwa Dynasty that ruled the region. Tiny gold-like beads are fed into multiple strings that are joined together. The strings are then twisted and turned to form a close-packed structure of gold-like beads which forms the choker. Thushi is often interpreted in many ways – the ones with a ruby, emerald or a diamond in the centre or as a long or short necklace and sometimes made exclusively from pearls are known as the Moti Thushi.


Top Jewellery Picks for Maharashtrian Brides from our New

Kolhapuri Saaj is very famous among Maharashtrian women & it is as special as Mangalsutra. It is made with jav mani (golden beads) & 21 leaves shape pendant. Every pendant is well-known for its own meaning. Out of these 21 pendants, 10 pendants define the ten avatars of Lord Vishnu, 2 pendants have ruby & emerald stones, 8 pendants are for ashtamangal (ashta means eight & mangal means good happenings) & the last pendant is taviz.


Top Jewellery Picks for Maharashtrian Brides from our New

Kudi is traditionally made of pearls and gold, it is designed to look like a flower. If you are looking for silver earrings online that are of Maharashtrian style you can look for Kudi. They are also designed in silver now and go with any kind of Indian wear. The original designs were always designed with threading at the stem of the earring to achieve a balance in the design and also minimized the chance of falling off. But the modern designs are not as heavy as the original one and so are easy to wear press earrings.

That was a little peek into the humongous variety of Maharashtrian bride jewellery. And we hope the daunting task of buying jewellery isn’t so daunting any more. Whether you decide to go minimal or you decide to go all out with the bling totally depends on the kind of Mulgi you are. There are no set rules of what, why and how something should be worn. Go ahead and pick something that you think defines you and brings out your beauty on your big day. If you wish to learn more about traditional jewellery or make a purchase from our wide range of fashion jewellery, visit us at